Ukraine, the ambassador in Rome: “Italy is a victim of manipulation by the Kremlin”

Melnyk, at Adnkronos, expresses himself on the pro-Russian events scheduled in various cities in the next few days: “The objective is to sow discord and divert attention from the cynical bombing of civilian targets”

“We are seeing that Italy, unfortunately, is becoming a victim of the Kremlin’s manipulations, as the amount of events planned for the near future is impressive: Modena, Lucca, Milan, Bologna and others”. This is what the Ukrainian ambassador to Rome, Yaroslav Melnyk, denounces in a statement to Adnkronos, in reference to a series of events scheduled in the next few days in some Italian cities, from a ‘pro-Russian’ exhibition-conference on Mariupol in Modena in the presence, via video link, of the philosopher Alexander Dugin at an event in Lucca.

“While Russia has been at real war on Ukrainian territory since 2014, deliberately destroying the Ukrainian nation, in Europe the Russians choose more subtle methods to psychologically influence society”, accuses the ambassador, according to whom “activating the machine Russian propaganda in Europe demonstrates Russia’s intentions to manipulate public moods and spread fake news to impose its ideology and influence political processes in third countries.”

For Melnyk, “the main objective is to sow discord between countries and peoples, change the attitude of the international community, destabilize civil societyjustify the war against Ukraine, reduce support from the world community and shift attention from the cynical Russian bombing of civilian targets in Ukraine in recent days”. The ambassador urges us to “clearly realize that, under the guise of ‘cultural events’ or ‘expert conferences’, the terrorist country is consciously manipulating the foreign society, imposing an alternative truth and gaining the population’s trust for further manipulation.”

“The so-called ‘conferences’, ‘cultural events’, ‘friendly meetings of experts’ are nothing more than tools of hybrid warfare to consciously modify the moods of the society of foreign citizens to achieve their objectives”, continues Melnyk, who finally denounces how “Russia’s cynicism knows no bounds.” “Currently the synergy between state institutions and society is fundamental to counter Russian dirty games in the European democratic family”, he concludes.