Ukraine, the conference on reconstruction in Rome. Tajani: “We are in the front row”

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Italy takes the field for the reconstruction of Ukraine. About 600 Italian and 150 Ukrainian companies, for a total of a thousand participants, met today in Rome, at the Palazzo dei Congressi, to sign agreements in the sectors of rail transport, the environment and energy. “Reconstruction is a fundamental part of the closeness action that we Italians, we Europeans, want concretely to demonstrate to Ukraine. It is an important step because Ukraine will be an important part of the EU and of the single market. It is therefore right that we begin to work. Reconstruction begins now and we want to be in the front row, laying the foundations”, said Foreign Minister Antonio

Tajani in the plenary. The closure of the works is instead entrusted to the premiers, Giorgia Meloni and Denys Shmyhal. A video speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is also expected (ALL THE LIVE NEWS ABOUT THE CONFLICT).

Italian companies called to share their expertise

There are many actions to be taken to mend an economic and social fabric devastated by 14 months of bombs: it is necessary to quickly restore critical infrastructures, de-mine and rehabilitate the liberated areas, modernize the areas not involved in the conflict. With this in mind, the approximately 600 Italian companies present are called upon to share their expertise with Ukrainian interlocutors, to provide them with the best short, medium and long-term solutions. And those who will be able to position themselves well in the “fast recovery” phase will find themselves at an advantage when the actual reconstruction has started. Moreover, the government considers the involvement of private subjects to be fundamental, because the reconstruction is worth 411 billion and cannot be financed entirely from public funds. At the same time, it is underlined, Kiev will have to carry out reforms to ensure more legality and transparency, creating an environment conducive to the implementation of projects. What actually begins today is a journey that promises to be long and articulated, in which Rome wants to assume a leadership role, thanks also to the presidency of the G7 which it will assume next year. With the idea of ​​hosting a general conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine in 2025.

The program

The event started with a closed-door session consisting of 7 thematic tables on as many sectors identified as priorities. In the plenary session, then, space for institutional interventions. At the end, b2b and b2g meetings are scheduled, behind closed doors, to give concreteness and effectiveness to the Italian support. The conclusions of the two premiers will be preceded by the intervention of the vice president for internationalization of Confindustria, Barbara Beltrame.