Ukraine, the expert: “Restless Kremlin alert on dirty bomb”

Scaramella: “Fly like the wolf that cries ‘wolf’, the risk of a self-injurious use of waste to justify the nuclear response is realistic. The West is vigilant and does not bite into manipulation”

“The Kremlin’s alert on the possible Ukrainian use of dirty weapons is disturbing: the wolf that cries ‘wolf'”. Talking to Adnkronos is intelligence expert Mario Scaramella, who teaches counter terrorism at the Master Mars of the University of Bergamo. Commenting in recent months on the theft of substances from the Chernobyl plant, Scaramella had ruled out a possible “use of these materials in the Ukrainian theater because Russia, as it has repeatedly threatened, is ready to use the powerful tactical nuclear arsenal and certainly no longer needs it. of creative solutions as in the 1950s “. However, he stresses today, “the risk of self-harming use of waste to justify the Russian nuclear response is now realistic” and “it remains for us only to be vigilant and not engage in manipulation” because “the conditioning of international public opinion remains the main objective of Putin “.

Scaramella recalls that “on November 23, 1995 Izmailovsky Park, in the eastern part of Moscow, was the scene of the first radioactive attack with the demonstration use of Cesium 137 by the Chechen commander Shamil Basayev, who set fire to a troupe of the Russian independent television to a huge amount of material, claiming its potential capacity for unconventional urban warfare. The episode, which is among the very few cases of use of a ‘dirty bomb’, takes on an important significance now, when the Kremlin warns risk “.

“The point – he underlines – is that Commander Basayev, responsible for the most heinous attacks in the name of Chechen autonomy, including the assault on the Nordost theater and the massacre of children in the Beslan school, has been identified by Russian intelligence officers. , then passed to the West, as an agent of the Moscow Crane, the military intelligence. We therefore know that the use of BRV is a technique used for demonstration purposes only by the Russians with their own infiltrators in the guerrilla, and now flag this type of threat , which would justify a Russian nuclear ‘reaction’ is suggestive “.

“yet another game of chess without rules where, however, the player is always and only one”

“On the role of Basayev – Scaramella still remembers – we also worked with Anna Politkovskaja and Alexander Litvinienko during the Beslan crisis. The fact was also known to exponents of the Chechen government in exile such as Ahmed Zakayev but never disclosed because the guerrilla anyway, although he spies on Moscow inspired Chechen resisters to battle and the news would have damaged morale, but in reality many leaders of Islamist terrorism such as Juma Namangani in Uzbekistan and Al Zawahiiri himself recently neutralized in Afghanistan have been secretly militating in Russian intelligence after being arrested and released. , therefore, it should not surprise us if Moscow intelligence continues to provoke by announcing a possible radiological / nuclear skirmish on Ukrainian soil “.

In short, this is the “umpteenth game of chess without rules where, however, the player is always and only one”.