Ukraine, the greatest economic support comes from the EU. USA helps for 0.33% of GDP

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The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky also took part in the meeting of the European Political Community in Granada. But for a few weeks now we have been discussing the possible “fatigue” that the EU, as well as the USA, could soon feel in continuing to support Kiev economically (THE SPECIAL – UPDATES). “Our commitment is to keep Europe united,” declared Zelensky, underlining how Ukraine’s request is for military support (there is talk of an air shield for the winter), economic, but also political. The figures allocated so far to Ukraine were discussed in the episode of “Numbers”, a program of Sky TG24 aired October 5, 2023.

The economic commitment

As highlighted by the Ukraine Support Tracker, the data as of 31 July 2023 show that Europe is the most committed, in terms of financial resources, towards Ukraine, both at community level and at individual country level. The data shows that spending so far has been 132 billion, compared to 69 in the United States and 36.5 from other countries, such as Great Britain. A figure that goes in decided contrast to what, for example, told overseas by Donald Trump: “Why doesn’t Joe Biden let Europe contribute to the expenses for Kiev? Not a dollar more should be spent until Europe matches what America has spent.”

In relation to GDP

The commitment of the countries must also be measured in comparison to the GDP, to fully understand the support capacity of each: the Ukrainian Support Tracker has highlighted how the greatest commitment is that of Germany, which incurred expenses to support Kiev equal to 0, 90% of its GDP, also including aid for refugees. Following is the United Kingdom, which spent a figure equal to 0.50% of GDP while the USA is only third, with an expenditure of just a third of a point, 0.33%. Further behind, however, are Spain (0.30%); France (0.17%) and Italy (0.15%).

Military aid

Different story regarding military aid. Again according to the Ukraine Support Tracker, the USA would be at the top of this ranking, with 42.1 billion euros (in terms of commitment, not all of it is money already spent). Second, however, is Germany, with 17.1 billion euros, followed by the United Kingdom (with 6.6 billion euros); Norway (with 3.7 billion) and Denmark (with 3.5 billion).