Ukraine, the mayor of Venice Brugnaro in Odessa: “Let’s work together for the reconstruction”

The Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro arrived today in Odessa where he was welcomed at the Town Hall by the mayor of the Ukrainian city, Gennadiy Trukhanov. On this occasion, the collaboration pact between the cities signed at Ca’ Farsetti on 7 November was strengthened, with which Venice and Odessa mutually committed to create networks and links between local authorities and encourage collaboration between communities, promoting exchanges of information, experiences and good practices in the fields of culture, education, peace, tourism and economic development. (UKRAINE CONFLICT, LIVE UPDATES – THE SPECIAL)

Support and friendship

“Since the day I proposed to my friend and colleague Mayor Trukhanov to receive the doge ring symbol of the twinning – comments Brugnaro – I had promised that I would come to Odessa to demonstrate the real proximity of Venice to a city that by history and tradition we have in our hearts. Today, I have respected that commitment and, despite the difficulties and risks involved, I’m here to consolidate the pact signed a few months ago at Ca’ Farsetti. In this period, during which we have seen the citizens of Odessa risking their lives to defend their port and the city, we have given all our support. We have done so, for example, by supporting your request to Unesco to recognize the historic center of Odessa as a World Heritage Site. An acknowledgment that has arrived and that we are proud to have helped to obtain with the hope that this too will serve to protect an extraordinary city, which boasts numerous buildings of architectural value and monuments, also designed by Italian artists”, added the mayor from Venice.

“Ready to help”

During the meeting with the mayor of Odessa Brugnaro launched his appeal: “Now, even in these days when Orthodox Easter is being celebrated, we must once again ask in a loud voice that this terrible war cease as soon as possible and that we can proceed to the reconstruction of a country that proudly defended its freedom from the invaders. Venice, which opened its doors welcoming 1500 mothers and children who fled from places of conflict, is there and will always be there because Odessa is part of our history and we will always respond to your call for help.With this protocol we want to lay the foundations to rebuild Greater Odessa, to support its port which is the heart of commerce for all of Ukraine, and we must do it through the exchange of experiences, knowledge and good practices in the field of urban planning, development, conservation and improvement of the state of the cultural heritage.And we must start from our excellence, first and foremost involving the university system”.

Mutual commitment

“I thank Mayor Luigi Brugnaro for having kept his promise to come to Odessa and for the help that Venice will give us for the reconstruction” – said Mayor Trukhanov. “It is very important for us to know that we have sincere friends also in this moment of difficulty. Knowing Venice by our side to help us plan the future means, for Odessa, looking to today with hope. Convinced that culture is an element of union and communion between peoples, and that the promotion of dialogue is a factor in supporting the values ​​of integration, solidarity, friendship, the first two citizens, within the scope of their respective competences, therefore reaffirmed the commitment to promote mutual cooperation”, concluded the mayor of Odessa.