Ukraine, the Pope: “Peace is possible, we are always ready to mediate”

Peace in Ukraine “is possible. But we must all commit ourselves to demilitarize hearts. We must all be pacifists. We want peace, not just a truce that perhaps only serves to rearm”: these are the words of Pope Francis in an interview to The print on the eve of his visit to Asti. The Pontiff then confirmed the Vatican’s willingness to “do everything possible to mediate and put an end to the conflict in Ukraine”. True peace, the Pope affirms, “is the fruit of dialogue. It is not achieved with weapons, because they do not defeat hatred and the thirst for domination, which in this way will re-emerge, perhaps in other ways, but will re-emerge”.

“Every glimmer that can lead to a real ceasefire”

“We are continually attentive to the evolution of the situation. As I said on the plane returning from Bahrain, the Secretariat of State works and works well, every day, and is evaluating any hypothesis and giving value to every glimmer that could lead to a cease real fire, and real negotiations”, continues the Pontiff. “In the meantime, we are committed to humanitarian support for the people of tormented Ukraine, which I carry in my heart together with their suffering. And then we try to develop a network of relationships that favors rapprochement between the parties, to find solutions. Furthermore, the Holy Headquarters does what it must to help the prisoners.”