Ukraine: the story of hope of little Makhar, Rocca (Cri) ‘tells the strength of humanity’

From Vorzel, near Bucha, to Lviv and then to Italy near Rome, thanks to the Italian Red Cross. It is the journey of Makhar, a 20-month-old child who needs checks and a delicate operation for a cleft lip and palate, impossible at the moment in Ukraine, told in the CRI video launched today on the Association’s social networks.

“This story is representative, like many others, of the strength of Humanity, the first – comments the President of the CRI, Francesco Rocca – of our Principles. The dialogue and collaboration between the Sisters make it possible to achieve small and large miracles. This story will touch the hearts of many and I hope it will make people reflect on the tragic consequences that wars have on the most vulnerable ”.

The little one was evacuated from the CRI during the last mission and is now a guest of the volunteer and pediatrician Carolina Casini, a member of the team that brought him to Italy, given the impossibility of finding other housing solutions for the two. Dad Serhii is a member of the Ukrainian army and is happy, despite his separation, that his family is safe in Europe and that his child has a chance to improve his life. Mother Alona is moved and excited and now, together with her little one, thanks to CRI she is also doing a psychological support path, given the drama she experienced and the fact that with her family she remained locked in a cellar for three weeks before embarking on the journey to Lviv.