Ukraine, this is how Kiev deceives Russia’s missiles

Kiev forces Russian forces to waste valuable long-range cruise missiles using fake, wooden, American rocket launchers that act as bait

Ukraine is forcing Russian forces to waste valuable long-range cruise missiles using fake, wooden, decoy American rocket launchers, the Washington Post said, citing American and Ukrainian military sources. The Kiev forces then resort to the ‘maskirovka’ technique typical of the Soviets and therefore of the Russians. The lures are indistinguishable from the actual rocket launchers in the ‘eyes’ of the Russian drones, which transmit their location to the cruisers sailing in the Black Sea from which the attack is launched.

The spoils of the deployment of the bait in a few weeks are already rich: they have managed to attract at least 10 Kalibr missiles, systems that are running out and that Moscow is no longer able to produce due to a lack of microchips. A first success that prompted the Ukrainians to intensify the production of bait.

“When the drones see the missile battery, they think they have identified a VIP target,” commented a senior Ukrainian official. “The Russians have claimed the destruction of more Himars than we have ever sent,” added an American source. The Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, had given his generals the order to destroy as many missiles as possible.

And since then, on a regular basis, the Russian military has claimed the destruction of a long-range rocket launcher. News categorically denied by the Pentagon. “We are aware of Shoigu’s recent claims, but they are completely false. What is happening is that Ukraine is using each of the precision missile systems with devastating accuracy and effectiveness, none of which are missing,” the spokesman said. , Todd Breasseale. The United States has provided Ukraine in total with 16 Himars rocket launchers and their allies M270 systems with similar capabilities.