Ukraine, Times: “Putin thinks about nuclear test at the border”

NATO is believed to have already warned its member countries

Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to demonstrate his determination to use weapons of mass destruction by carrying out a nuclear test on the border with Ukraine. The Times writes it today, according to which it believes that NATO has already warned its member countries.

Yesterday, retired general and former CIA chief David Petraeus warned that Western powers should take Russia’s nuclear weapons threats seriously. “Just to give you a guess” just in case “I think we would respond by eliminating all conventional forces. Russian that we can see and define on the battlefield in Ukraine and also in the Crimea every ship in the Black Sea “, explained Petraeus.

In the meantime, the procedure for the formalization of the annexation of the four regions of southeastern Ukraine to the Russian Federation is proceeding quickly. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov anticipated that President Putin should “in all likelihood” sign today the laws just approved by Parliament (yesterday the Duma, today the Federation Council).