Ukraine, today the UN votes on a new resolution for peace

Minister Tajani: “Italy ready to do its part”

One year after the start of the war in Ukraine, a new resolution for peace is to be voted in the UN today. The invasion of Russia “is an affront to our collective conscience,” said the UN secretary general Antonio Guterres, at the opening session of the United Nations General Assembly. Referring to the first anniversary of the Russian attack, which falls tomorrow, February 24, Guterres called it “a sad milestone for the Ukrainian people and for the international community”. “We have heard implicit threats to use nuclear weapons. The so-called tactical use of nuclear weapons is absolutely unacceptable. The time has come to step back from the brink.” he added.

The draft resolution for peace in Ukraine is an “opportunity to demonstrate that countries can work together”, by adopting the text with a large majority, the Foreign Minister said for his part, Antonio Tajani, which called for “the immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal of Russian forces from the territory of Ukraine”. “We will not recognize any acquisition of territory obtained through the threat of the use of force,” she said.

“Italy works for a just, global and lasting peace, in accordance with the principles of the UN Charter and in the interests of Ukraine, Europe and the whole world”, he added. “Italy is convinced that there can be no peace without justice in Ukraine. And justice means full respect for the territorial integrity of Ukraine, its sovereignty and its independence within internationally recognized borders”, underlined the minister, specifying that Italy supports the existing channels of dialogue which must be extended”.

“Italy’s position has always been very clear: the ongoing aggression is a clear violation of the United Nations Charter against international stability and security. No country can be safe if the violations of our common principles and rules remain unpunished”. “On this anniversary, Ukraine stands firm and we remain in full solidarity with the country and its people. The daily attacks on their lives and critical infrastructure, with devastating humanitarian costs, are unacceptable. They must stop.” “Russia as a permanent member of the Security Council has ignored its responsibility to the members of this organization and to the whole world in maintaining international peace and security which should be its first task. Russia must respect its obligations under international law and cease its attacks against civilians and end hostilities and its disinformation campaign. Crimes committed in and against Ukraine must be punished,” Tajani added, recalling the five resolutions already approved by the Assembly, in the face of the “impasse” of the Security Council, where Russia has veto power. “We will support Ukraine for as long as necessary. Italy is already engaged in the reconstruction of the country. We will stand by Ukraine to support its efforts in favor of the rule of law, democracy and the fight against corruption, towards full integration into the EU”.