Ukraine, Tricarico: “We must not challenge Putin as if it were poker”

Battisti: “Using a nuclear weapon on territories annexed by him would be Putin’s own goal”

“It is now clear to everyone that we are at a turning point that could involve very worrying scenarios. The point we have reached deserves internal and international reflection to assess whether the attitude we have towards this war, if ours vision must be that developed at the time or if it should not be updated “. General Leonardo Tricarico, former Chief of Staff of the ICSA Air Force, tells the Adnkronos about the war between Ukraine and Russia.

And on the nuclear threat he explains: “It is a fact that Putin has told the whole world that he will consider an attack on the four annexed regions to be an attack on Russia and therefore he will resort to any means. We know – he says – what are the means that Putin has and that in the background there is the nuclear weaponry which he feared its use from the beginning. Today more than yesterday and the day before yesterday it is likely that Putin, having no other resources of any kind, could resort to this weapon and we must not challenge it as if it were a game of poker on this field, but see what position to take with respect to this war, if the one we have adopted is the right one, and I personally believe not, or if there are no other compatible behaviors that put us away from Putin’s threats and, however, allow us to help Ukraine to maintain its territorial integrity, because this is a fixed point “.


“The conflict on the ground continues with this offensive by Ukraine both in the two regions of Donbass and to the south-east towards Kherson. those territories they occupied. Then the autumn began, with heavy rains that make it difficult for Ukrainian rotated vehicles to move around. Putin annexed those territories “. General Giorgio Battisti, first commander of the Italian contingent of the ISAF mission in Afghanistan and member of the Italian Atlantic Committee, outlines the scenario of the conflict in Ukraine at Adnkronos.

“The doubt remains that – he explains – as foreseen in any case by the Russian military doctrine, the launch of nuclear weapons can serve to condition the military response capacity of the adversary. The NATO secretary general stated that, in the event of a launch of a Russian nuclear weapon, the answer, albeit conventional, would be devastating for the tenor of the attack and it is the first time that the Atlantic Alliance has been so drastic. ‘desert island of the Black Sea, such as the Island of the Snakes, object of fierce fighting in the first months of the conflict, to give a strong signal to the entire international community that Russia intends to pursue the purposes that initiated this disastrous conflict “.

And he concludes: “I believe that this threat of nuclear weapons also serves to keep the attention and concern always high on the part of Western governments, perhaps indirectly also to slow down the flow of Western weapons to Ukraine, in order to try to overcome the winter also thanks to the rains that are already making the ground of the operations muddy “.