Ukraine, Turkey confirms: “Other ships with cereals depart”

From Odessa and Chernomorsk

The Turkish authorities today confirmed the departure of three other ships loaded with cereals from the Ukrainian ports of Odessa and Chernomorsk, after the activation of the joint mechanism agreed between Ukraine and Russia, with the mediation of Ankara and the UN.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense has indicated in a series of messages on social media that the Navistar ship, flying the Panamanian flag, left the port of Odessa for Ireland, with a cargo of 33 thousand tons of corn. The Rojen, with the Maltese flag, and the Polarnet, with the Turkish flag, left Chernomorsk for the United Kingdom and Turkey respectively. The Rojen carries 13,000 tons of corn, while the Polarnet has 12,000 tons, again of corn.

The Ministry of Defense stressed that the merchant ships will have to dock in Istanbul to be inspected, as foreseen by the agreement of 22 July. The ships are thus added to the Razoni, the flag of Sierra Leone, which left Odessa on 1 August with over 26 thousand tons, towards Lebanon. The Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, yesterday stressed the importance of the agreement being “sustainable”. The duration of the agreement “is four months”, he said, before stressing that it could form the basis for reaching an “exhaustive ceasefire”, preparatory to the end of the war.