Ukraine, US aid for 45 billion and Kiev will have oligarchic assets

The bill will have to be signed by US President Biden

The US Senate has given the go-ahead for another 45 billion dollars in aid to Kiev. This was reported by NBC News, specifying that it is included in the 2023 budget of a total amount of 1.7 trillion dollars. “The bill, which 68 senators voted for and 29 against, will hold administration funding until next fall. It also includes nearly $45 billion in additional military, economic and humanitarian aid to Ukraine “, informs the TV channel.

The bill will now be sent to the US Congress House of Representatives for approval and, after that, it will need to be signed by US President Joe Biden. Congress needs to pass the bill in both houses this week. The White House has already said it supports the bill and has called on Congress to adopt it as soon as possible.

THE ASSETS OF THE RUSSIAN Oligarchs – The US Senate, reports CNN, has also approved an amendment that allows the transfer of assets seized from Russian oligarchs to the Ukrainian people. “This amendment would allow the Justice Department, through the Secretary of State, to transfer proceeds from the assets of seized oligarchs or other sanctioned entities to the Ukrainian people,” said US Senator Lindsey Graham. “It will be a godsend for the long-suffering Ukrainian people. It will be a relief for the American taxpayer… It will be a bad day for the oligarchs.”

The adoption of the amendment is a significant development in ongoing efforts to hold Russian oligarchs accountable for their role in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On Dec. 19, Canada announced it would begin seizing about $26 million from Granite Capital Holdings Ltd, a company owned by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.

Canadian Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland explained that Russian oligarchs were involved in the “barbaric and illegal invasion of Ukraine” and Canada “will not be a haven for their ill-gotten gains”.