Ukraine, US-Nato secret plans to help Kiev on social media. Pentagon opens investigation

According to the New York Times, documents detailing the strengthening of the Ukrainian military were published on Twitter and Telegram

The Pentagon has opened an investigation into the leaks concerning the US and NATO secret plans to help Ukraine preparing for the spring offensive against Russia. The details of the documents, according to the New York Times, have been leaked on social media. “We are aware of reports of social media posts and the Department is investigating the matter,” said Sabrina Singh, deputy press secretary for the US Department of Defense.

The documents were circulated on Twitter and Telegram and reportedly contain charts and details of weapons deliveries, battalion strengths and other sensitive information, the Times said. The information in the documents dates back at least five weeks, with the most recent dated March 1.

One of the documents summarized the training programs of 12 Ukrainian combat brigades and said that nine of them had been trained by US and NATO forces and needed 250 tanks and more than 350 mechanized vehicles, the paper said. Documents – at least one of which bore a ‘top-secret’ label – they were broadcast on pro-Russian government channelshe added.