Ukraine, US secret papers: “UN leader too accommodating to Russia”

New revelations of confidential documents leaked online

The United States believes the UN secretary-general is too willing to accommodate Russian interests, according to new revelations of confidential documents leaked online and which are inspired by private communications between UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres and his deputy.

The documents contain remarks by Guterres on the war in Ukraine, and the Black Sea grain deal brokered by the United Nations and Turkey in July following fears of a global food crisis. According to the US, it appears that the UN secretary was so anxious to preserve the agreement that he was willing to satisfy Russia’s interests. “Guterres supported efforts to improve Russia’s export capacity,” the document said, “even if this involved sanctioned Russian entities or individuals.”

Guterres’ actions in February, according to the assessment, were “undermining efforts to hold Moscow accountable for its actions in Ukraine”. UN officials told CNN they would not comment on the leaked documents and that the UN was “driven by the need to mitigate the impact of war on the world’s poorest, which means doing everything possible to lower the price of food and to ensure that fertilizers are accessible to those countries that need them most”.