Ukraine, USA: “Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians deported to Russia”

The denunciation of the US ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas Greenfield

From the beginning of the war, Russia would have forcibly transferred “hundreds of thousands” of Ukrainians, “deported even to remote areas”. She reported him the US ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas Greenfieldciting the work done by journalists and human rights groups, who have documented movements since the beginning of the war, with civilians forced to cross the border into Russia and others in areas of Ukraine occupied by Russia.

“We have evidence that the Russians have transferred hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens, including children,” Thomas-Greenfield told NPR radio. They are interrogated, detained and forcibly deported. Some have been sent to the more remote parts of eastern Russianear the border with North Korea, and were sent there as part of the Russian effort to suppress the resistance. “