Ukraine, USA: “Russia has lost, Putin made a mistake”

General Mark Milley, Chief of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff: ‘Moscow is now a global pariah’

“In ten days it will be the anniversary of the day Russia invaded” Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin thought he could defeat Ukraine quickly, split the NATO alliance and act with impunity. He was wrong. Ukraine remains free, remains independent. NATO and the coalition have never been stronger , while Russia is now a global pariah. The world continues to be inspired by Ukraine’s courage and resilience. Put simply, Russia has lost. It has lost strategically, operationally, tactically and is paying a price huge on the battlefield”. To say it is General Mark Milley, Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United Statesat a press conference in Brussels. “Ukraine is not alone: ​​54 countries met today to make sure that Kiev can defend itself” from Russian aggression, she underlines.

As long as “Putin does not end the war by choice”, the international community “will continue to support Ukraine with the equipment and means necessary to defend itself”, Milley underlined.