Ukraine, USA to command in Germany for weapons and training

The CNN reports confirming advances from the NY Times: the Pentagon is working on the formation of the new command that should fall under General Christopher Cavoli

More than seven months have passed since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Pentagon is working on the formation of a new command, based in Germany, to coordinate arms supplies and training as part of the support provided in Kiev. This was also reported by CNN, which cites two US officials, after the advances of the New York Times. The new command, which is expected to be led by a three-star general, will fall under General Christopher Cavoli, head of the European Command of the US forces, who led the multinational initiative to train Ukrainian forces in the use of weapons. sophisticated and to get weapons to the borders of Ukraine.

A plan of which the US speaks with caution, with the officials – highlights the CNN – be careful not to give Russian President Vladimir Putin reason to claim that the US is part of the conflict.

With the Contact Group on Ukraine which already brings together more than 40 countries (the US, allies including Italy and partners) and which meets every month to coordinate the supply of arms and equipment to Ukraine, the new command – according to CNN sources – it will serve to have a more formal structure within the military apparatus to manage supplies. And he will also work closely with the International Donor Coordination Center.