Ukraine, video with prisoner killed. Kiev: “Crime Russia”

Soldier shot for shouting “Glory to Ukraine”

A chilling video, with a Ukrainian prisoner shot dead by Russian soldiers for shouting: “Glory to Ukraine”. The video circulated on Telegram and was quoted on Twitter by Anton Gerasxhenko, adviser to the Interior Ministry of Kiev, who showed only a frame of the video, “very hard to see”, and recalled how the video had not been verified. “Eternal memory and glory to the Ukrainian hero,” adds Geraschenko.

Requests for an investigation into war crimes are coming from Kiev. “Glory to the hero! Glory to the heroes! Glory to Ukraine!”, wrote the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on Twitter, with white writing on a black background, with an evident reference to the video. Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba says this is yet another ‘evidence’ that the Russian invasion of Ukraine constitutes ‘genocide’. ‘It is imperative that Karim Khan QC immediately launch an inquiry into this terrible war crime”, he tweeted referring to the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. “Those responsible must be brought to justice”, he adds.

“Killing a prisoner of war is another war crime of the Russian Federation – tweets the head of the Ukrainian presidential office Andiy Yermak – these are elements of a methodical policy of terror that is being disguised by Kremlin propaganda with its myths about ‘Nazis ‘. There will be punishment for each of these war crimes. No one will evade justice. We will find them all.” Yermak then tweets “Glory to Ukraine”.