Ukraine, von der Leyen: “Tenth Russia sanctions package worth 10 billion”

“Today there was an air raid and we had to go to a shelter” says the president of the European Commission

The tenth package of sanctions against Russia for the war in Ukraine “which we aim to have by 24 February will have a volume of around 10 billion euro”. This was stated by the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, at a press conference in Kiev. “It’s a massive package,” she says. Immediately after a visit to a post office in Kiev today “there was an air raid and we had to go to a shelter” she says, adding that “this shows what is the everyday reality here”.

The EU accession process “is always based on merit” and “does not have fixed timescales”, says von der Leyen. In the coming “autumn”, she continues, there will be “a major report on enlargement, for all countries”. Von der Leyen then says she is “impressed” by the “speed” and “precision” of the work done by the Ukrainian administration in the accession process, despite being “at war”.

The European Union will supply Ukraine with “35 million LED light bulbs”, which consume less than incandescent ones, which are inefficient and now considered obsolete. “Ukrainian citizens will be able to collect them at the post office, exchanging them for the old ones – he concludes -. Every kilowatt of energy saved is precious to counter Russia’s energy war”.