Ukraine war, Biden: “China has not given weapons to Russia”

“We are overestimating the alliance between Moscow and Beijing”

“I don’t underestimate China or Russia but I think we greatly overestimated” their alliance. These are the words of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, who thus answers questions on the relationship between Russia and China after the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Moscow and his meeting with Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin.

“We have been talking for 3 months” about Beijing’s possible contribution to the war waged by Russia in Ukraine but the Chinese “have not yet supplied” arms to Moscow, says Biden, in Ottawa, in a joint press conference with Canadian premier Justin Trudeau. “It doesn’t mean they won’t. But they haven’t done it yet,” says the US president. “And if something happens, the West is ready to do much more,” he says.

Canada and the United States will provide the necessary support to Ukraine. “As you well know, Mr. President, Canada will continue to stand by Ukraine with whatever it takes. We are both partners that Ukraine and the world can count on,” Trudeau said. From Biden, new jabs at Putin.

“His desire for conquest and power has so far remained unsatisfied. The love of the Ukrainian people for their country will prevail”, says the number 1 of the White House. “Putin was sure that at this point he would shatter NATO. We will keep the alliance strong and united, we will defend every inch of NATO territory: an attack against one of us is an attack on all”, he reiterated.