Ukraine war, Orban wants referendum in Hungary on aid to Kiev

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has launched a national consultation linking further EU aid to Ukraine to Brussels’ release of funds for his country. One of the 11 questions posed to voters observes that “Brussels wants even more money to support Ukraine. We – we read – in the question should not pay more to support Ukraine until we have the money we are entitled to” . Other issues concern the EU’s plans to guarantee the flow of weapons and money to Kiev and the path to joining the Union, as well as the issue of interrupting the import of Ukrainian wheat (UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR, FOLLOW THE UPDATES IN LIVE).

The result of the plebiscite will not be binding

The plebiscite, which began Saturday, is expected to last until early January; citizens can respond in writing or online, and the result will not be binding but coincides with a crucial EU summit, in December, of the heads of state and government of the Twenty-seven in which the topic of Ukraine will be crucial. Among other things, Kiev’s other great ally, the United States, is also experiencing a situation of uncertainty: in fact, there remains opposition from part of the Republican Party in Congress and the position of the former president and potential Republican candidate for presidential re-election , Donald Trump, remains firmly in favor of negotiating and seeking an agreement with Russia. And Trump is ahead of the head of the White House, Joe Biden, in the polls.