Ukraine war, register of damages caused by Russian aggression is born

It will be based in The Hague, with a satellite office in Ukraine. Premier Shmyhal: “Historic decision”

At the Council of Europe summit in Reykjavik, Iceland, the heads of state and government of the organisation’s 46 member states agreed to “establish a Register of damage caused by aggression of the Russian Federation as a first step towards an international compensation mechanism”. This is what can be read in the final declaration signed by the leaders who took part in the Council of Europe in Iceland.

“The member states of the Council of Europe, as well as several non-member countries, including Canada, Japan and the United States, and the European Union have agreed to establish a register of damages caused by Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine – is written in the note – Intended as the first component of a future compensation mechanism, the register will serve as a record of evidence and information on claims of damages, losses or injuries caused by 24 February 2022 to all individuals and legal entities concerned, as well as to the State of Ukraine”.

“The heads of state and government have expressed their willingness to engage in international initiatives to further develop such a mechanism, which may include a claims commission and a compensation fund, underlining the obligation of the Russian Federation to compensate for damages caused by the its war of aggression,” the leaders write in the document.

The registry will be based in The Hague, the Netherlands, with a satellite office in the Ukraine; the initial envisaged duration is three years.

“The heads of state and government at the Reykjavik Council of Europe supported the creation of the register of damages caused by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. This is the first step towards the creation of an international compensation mechanism”, commented the Ukrainian prime minister Denis Shmyhal on the sidelines of the Icelandic summit. For the prime minister of Kiev it is “one historic decision which will enable the establishment of justice to begin”.

Yesterday the premier Giorgia Meloni applauded the establishment of the register: “We will do our part to guarantee Ukraine the future of freedom, integrity and democracy it deserves. The European future it deserves. This is why Italy immediately joined the agreement promoted by the Council of Europe to establish the register of damage caused by war, so that there is no impunity”.