Ukraine, “war stalled”: armed forces chief admits counter-offensive failure

General Zalouzhny: “There will not be a profound and positive turning point.” Putin signs withdrawal from the nuclear test treaty

The war in Ukraine has reached ‘a stalemate’, the major counteroffensive that began in June did not have the desired effect and Kiev’s troops will not be able to break through the front. Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) Valeriy Zaluzhny admitted this in an interview with the Economist, adding that “most likely, there will not be a profound and positive turning point.”

After the first unsuccessful counteroffensive attempts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Zaluzhny replaced several commanders and transferred military personnel from some front-line brigades, but this led to nothing. To unblock the situation at the front – reports the commander in chief of the Ukrainian army – Kiev needs “something new, like gunpowder, which the Chinese invented and which we still use”, that is, the active use of new technologies”.

“The biggest risk of a trench war of attrition is that it could drag on for years and exhaust the Ukrainian state,” Zaluzhny concluded.

Putin ratifies Russia’s exit from nuclear test ban treaty

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ratified Russia’s exit from the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), while the war in Ukraine continues and in a context of crisis in relations with the West. This was announced by the Tass agency.

The CTBT dates back to 1996, but never entered into force because it was not ratified – a necessary condition – by a sufficient number of states, among the 44 that had nuclear weapons at the time of its creation.

In early October, Putin announced that his country would revoke ratification of the CTBT in response to the United States never ratifying it.

Moscow: “6 Kiev drones destroyed in Crimea”

On the news front, the Russian army intercepted six Ukrainian drones in the Crimea region this morning. The Ministry of Defense reported this on Telegram, specifying that “air defense systems in service destroyed a Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle over the Black Sea and five others were intercepted on the territory of the Republic of Crimea”.