Ukraine war, the confession of the mercenary of the escaped Wagner

“The situation changed with the arrival of the prisoners, they stopped treating us as human beings. I fled because I feared for my life after refusing to remain in service at the end of the contract”

The Wagner mercenary who fled to Norway testified that he feared for his life after refusing to remain in service with Evghany Prigozhin’s company after a first contract expired. Last November, Prigozhin forced everyone to renew their contracts. Speaking with Vladimir Osechkin, the director of, a Russian activist who helps refugees obtain visas abroad, Andrei Medvedev mentions the case of Evgheny Nuzhin, another mercenary who left the service and was later killed. His barbaric execution was caught on video. “We were thrown into battle like cannon fodder,” he denounced.

Medvedev recalled having crossed the border near the Russian city of Nikel. And he was then arrested by the Norwegian police in Pasvik. Now, he added, he would fight for Ukraine. And he feels “nothing but hatred” for his country.

“I signed a contract with Wagner on July 6 last year. I was appointed commander of the First Squadron of the Fourth Platoon of the Seventh Assault Detachment. When the prisoners started arriving, the situation at Wagner really changed. They stopped to treat us like human beings. And they threw us into battle like cannon fodder.” (continued)

“Every week, more convicts arrived. We lost a lot of men. The casualties were many. We could have lost 15-20 men in our platoon alone. As far as I know, most of them were buried in the Luhansk Republic and declared missing. If you declare a mercenary missing, you don’t have to pay the insurance to the family members. Prisoners were killed with a shot if they refused to fight or for treason”.

“Andrei decided to leave Wagner. Thus, he became wanted by the company’s security services and the Russian services. His life was threatened. He was afraid of being killed like Nuzhin, with a hammer,” explains Osechkin.