Ukraine, who is the woman who was passing information to kill Zelensky?

An attempt on the President of Ukraine Zelensky has been foiled, according to internal sources. And the woman, who works in a shop inside a military base, who was passing information to Russian spies was arrested. Zelensky himself revealed that he had been warned by the secret services of the attempted attack, congratulating his men for the brilliant operation. After all, this is nothing new for him: he has already escaped several assassination attempts. The clashes on the field continue. Furthermore, yesterday he also saw the release (on bail) of Metropolitan Pavel, head of the pro-Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine and former vicar of the monastery of the Caves in Kiev. This was reported by the Ukrainian media quoting the lawyer Nikita Chekman. (LIVE)

Who is the woman

That of the woman, who works in a shop on a military base, was a tip, probably very well paid, that would have allowed Moscow to physically eliminate its number one enemy through a targeted air raid. According to what has been reconstructed by Ukrainska Pravda, the informant was collecting news on the planned visit, and then actually carried out by Zelensky on 27 July last, in the Mykolaiv region, in Ochakov: that day, surprisingly, the president inaugurated a center doctor for the care of the wounded at the front. The spy faces up to 12 years in prison.