Ukraine, wife Zelensky responds to Roger Waters

Olena Zelenska responded to the open letter from the former Pink Floyd leader in which she criticized the West’s supply of weapons to Kiev

The wife of the president of Ukraine Olena Zelenska responded to the open letter posted on Facebook by Roger Waters and to her revolt in which the former leader of Pink Floyd criticized the supply of weapons by the West to the Ukrainian army. In response, Zelenska stressed that it was Russia “that launched an aggression against Ukraine. Ukrainians protect their country and the future of their children. If we give up the fight, we won’t be there tomorrow. If the Russian Federation” give up the war, the war will end. Roger Waters – wrote on Twitter – you should ask the president of another country for peace. “

On September 5, in an interview with the BBC, Zelenska asked for support for Ukraine. Waters in his letter compared the supply of arms to Ukraine with “adding fuel to the fire.”