Ukraine, Zelensky: “Almost 6 million people without electricity”

The message to Russia: “Let’s analyze the intentions of the invaders, soon even more powerful measures”

I’m almost six million Ukrainians without electricity in the country. This was stated by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, while Kiev’s emergency service said nine people were killed in fires that broke out after safety rules were breached in an attempt to heat their homes following Russian attacks on power plants. ”Only in the last day there have been 131 fires in Ukraine, 106 of which in residential areas. Nine people died, eight were injured,” the emergency service said.

“We are preparing countermeasures, even more powerful than the current ones”, Zelensky said with a message to Russia in his usual point on the war entrusted to social channels and Telegram. “The main problems are the Donetsk region, the Luhansk region, Kharkiv, from Zaporizhzhia, from Kherson, the Crimea, the frontline territories and our border. We are analyzing the intentions of the invaders and are preparing even more powerful countermeasures than the current ones, ”the president said that he dwelt especially on the topic of“ energy and communication ”.

In recent weeks, Russia has systematically hit infrastructure and the energy grid, causing frequent and prolonged blackouts in many areas of Ukraine: “Energy sector workers, all our services are doing everything to stabilize the system and give people more energy and longer. And I want to emphasize once again: it is very important that people understand when and for how long they will be without electricity”, were the words of the president.