Ukraine, Zelensky announces total control of Lyman

US Defense Secretary Austin said he was “very encouraged”. yesterday the announcement that Ukrainian troops had entered the city

Ukraine announces “full control” of Lyman, a crucial logistical hub for the Russian forces deployed in the south-east of the country. In a video posted on Telegram, President Volodymir Zelensky states that this result was achieved at 12.30 today (local time).

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said he was “very encouraged” by Ukrainian forces’ revival of Lyman. Lyman, Austin pointed out, is a crux of supply lines for Russian forces active in the south and further west.

Yesterday the announcement that Ukrainian troops had entered the city of Lyman, in the Donetsk region, and that the next target was Luhansk. A spokesman for the Armed Forces of Kiev, Sergey Cherevaty, quoted by Ukrainska Pravda, had confirmed information and videos showing the Ukrainian flag waving at the entrance to the city.

For its part, the Moscow Ministry of Defense had confirmed the withdrawal of Russian forces from Lyman, however claiming to have killed 200 Ukrainian soldiers and destroyed 14 armored vehicles in the last 24 hours. “Due to the threat of being encircled, the allied troops withdrew from the settlement of Krasny Lyman on more favorable lines. Despite the losses suffered, having a significant superiority of forces and means – admitted the spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry. – the enemy continues his offensive “.