Ukraine, Zelensky at the front in Bakhmut

“Russia goes to war because it can’t admit mistakes”

Volodymyr Zelensky visited Bakhmut in the Donetsk region, where he met and rewarded the military. This was announced by the press office of the Ukrainian presidency, adding that the “head of state arrived without previously announcing the visit”.

Bakhmut is currently the battlefield in which theand more intense warfare between Ukrainians and Russians with bombings going on for weeks by the latter.

THE VIDEO MESSAGE – Russia, Zelensky said in a video message, is waging war against Ukraine because some in the Kremlin cannot admit mistakes and are afraid of reality. “Bakhmut remains the hottest spot on the entire frontline, with more than 1,300 kilometers of hostilities going on,” he says. “Since May, the occupiers have been trying to break the front line, but time is running out and Bakhmut is resisting not only the Russian army, but also the Russian mercenaries who have come to replace the lost soldiers.” “Russia has already lost nearly 99,000 of its soldiers in Ukraine. One day there will be 100,000 casualties among the occupiers,” Zelensky added. of people – other people, not their loved ones, not their own lives, but others, and only because some group in the Kremlin cannot admit mistakes and is terribly afraid of reality”.

“Reality speaks for itself – he adds -. I thank all our fighters who are heroically holding Bakhmut, Soledar, Avdiivka, Maryinka, Kremin and the entire Donbass region, which before the arrival of Russia was one of the strongest in Ukraine and which Russia is destroying. Even such cruelty will give nothing to the enemy”.

DEAD UKRAINIAN CIVILIANS – The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has confirmed that 6,826 civilians have been killed and 10,759 injured in Ukraine following the full-scale invasion of Russia. These are the data released by the organization as of December 18, according to which most of the losses recorded were caused by the use of heavy artillery, rockets and air attacks.

UNHR points out that the real death toll is much higher because there are delays in receiving information from some places where fighting is taking place and many reports have yet to be confirmed. “This applies, for example, to the settlements of Mariupol (Donetsk region), Izyum (Kharkiv region), Lysychansk, Popasna and Severodonetsk (Luhansk region), where, according to reports, there were numerous cases of death or wounding civilians,” the note reads.

RUSSIAN LOSSES – Russia has lost 500 men in the last day, bringing the number of victims among the Russian ranks to 99,230 since the day of Moscow’s attack on Ukraine, last February 24th. This was announced by the daily bulletin of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, just released on Facebook, which reports figures that cannot be independently verified.

According to reports by the Ukrainian military, Russian losses to date would be around 99,230 men, 2,995 tanks, 5,974 armored vehicles, 1,960 artillery systems, 410 multiple rocket launchers, 212 anti-aircraft defense systems. According to the bulletin, which specifies that the data is being updated due to the intense fighting, the Russian forces also lost 281 aircraft, 266 helicopters, 4,599 vehicles, 16 naval units and 1,653 drones.