Ukraine, Zelensky: “Bakhmut has not fallen, but a very difficult situation”

The Ukrainian president does not rule out the possibility of withdrawal if it increases the risk of even greater losses

Volodymyr Zelensky has denied that Bakhmut has been conquered by Russian troops, while admitting that the situation in the city is “the most difficult” among those on the war front. For this reason, the Ukrainian president stressed that, although his main objective is not to give ground, if at a certain point the situation were to become even more complicated and the risk of even greater losses to Bakhmut would increase.

According to Ukrinform, Zelensky left the door open for General Oleksander Sirskii, in charge of operations in the city, to order a withdrawal at some point. But to avoid it, the president took the opportunity to reiterate his call to allied Western powers to increase arms supplies to Kiev. According to him, the more weapons the armed forces receive, the faster Ukrainian soldiers will be able to “turn the tables” not only in the city of Bakhmut, but throughout the country.

Zelensky went to Poland today on an official visit to the capital Warsaw, where he met with Polish President Duda.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Zelensky has traveled abroad only very rarely. In February he visited London, Paris and Brussels. Zelensky’s first international trip was to the United States, followed by Poland – both in December.