Ukraine, Zelensky case against Berlusconi agitates majority

Il Cavaliere has chosen not to respond to the ‘jab’ of the Ukrainian president, Forza Italia: “We support Kiev”

L’team order arrived from Arcore on the Zelensky case is to tone downdo not fuel new controversies about a delicate issue, which fully involves the Italian government. Silvio Berlusconi, they say, prefers to remain silent. In his place, this is the line, his loyalists speak, such as the group leader Alessandro Cattaneo and the Undersecretary of Defense Matteo Perego of Cremnago who today went on TV to reiterate that Forza Italia has always demonstrated its support for Kiev with deeds, starting with the vote in favor of sending arms, also in the latest decree, the sixth in order of time.

Yesterday evening there was talk of a reply note from the Cav to the ‘jab’ of the Ukrainian president, which was later cancelled. And the choice not to answer has remained even today. No official comments from the former prime minister, no posts on social media, no interviews. Better to settle the situation, avoid further fibrillation, all the more reason for the fact that today in the newspapers Meloni’s visit to Ukraine almost seems to take second place to the clamor aroused by Zelensky’s statements against the blue leader.

“We want to tone it down, nobody wants to make a controversy about words that we have already explained and which have apparently been misunderstood”, underlined Cattaneo to “Tagadà” on La7. “Forza Italia has never lacked firm condemnation of the conflict in Ukraine, nor the support inside and outside Parliament in Kiev”, he told Adnkronos Perego of Cremnago, who has been to Ukraine twice to bring humanitarian aid and his testimony of commitment to peace.

”Since the beginning of the conflict – says the head of the defense department of the force party – I have already been to Ukraine twice, the first time to bring humanitarian aid, the second as part of a parliamentary mission”. Not only that, he recalls, ”as a representative of the government I then brought to the Chamber the Ukraine decree which extended to 2023 the possibility of sending aid, means, material and equipment to Kiev”.

Now, however, we need to focus on the peace process. ”Italy, together with Europe and the United States, must be the protagonist of a path that leads as soon as possible to the cessation of hostilities and a lasting peace”, remarks Perego who does not say too much about Zelensky’s ‘slap’, given the his role as undersecretary.

On the other hand, the deputy Fabrizio Sala does not hold back, who allows himself a joke on live television: ”Rather than giving a jab, I would say that President Zelensky has taken a cue … President Berlusconi’s foresight in foreign policy is under in the eyes of all”. Even the League remains silent. Matteo Salvini is silent, his followers are also silent.