Ukraine, Zelensky: “If we don’t stop Putin there will be a Third World War”

The Ukrainian president at Porta a Porta: “Italy too will be forced to go to war”

“If we don’t stop Putin, nothing but the European Union. There will be a Third World War”. It is the scenario that the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky outlines in an interview with Porta a Porta answering questions on the evolution of the war between Ukraine and Russia. “When he invades Poland, the Baltic States, no one will be able to do anything, but everyone will go to war. Everyone. Even Italy, France, the United States, England, all NATO member states will be forced to go to war to prove that NATO really exists,” says Zelensky.

“If some of the leaders of the NATO states don’t want to go to war -adds Zelensky- their companies won’t allow it. They will tell him: but you lied to us, in all these years there has been no security in the world, you are a liar and You surrendered, and when the Russian boot came to you, you raised your hands. Therefore there will be a Third World War, if the societies of one state rather than another say not to give support and weapons to the Ukraine. Because as soon as Ukraine falls, Putin will be on NATO territory and will conquer other states”.

Would Putin’s fall bring an even tougher leader to the Kremlin? “Harder … But can one be even tougher? I don’t understand … It seems to me that he has already used everything he could, has already realized his full potential. We don’t take harsh rhetoric into consideration” .

“As for the weapons – he adds – Weapons that are harder than they have… I don’t know what harder weapons they have… So honestly… And I don’t see the point… Other people who will come in power?….. With what goal? If only to steal money, then it is indifferent to him what will be the assessment by Ukraine and the dialogue with Ukraine and what will be the assessment of Western partners. in Putin’s place will come people who will not have as their goal simply to rob the people and inhabitants, simply rob such a rich state, but instead to somehow live and develop, they will have to come to an agreement not only with Ukraine, but with Worldwide”.

Could Russia use a tactical nuclear bomb? “I think it’s not good for them. That’s why I don’t really believe in it. But I can’t get into President Putin’s head…I can’t. And…so…probably anything can happen but…I see that he loves everything he’s surrounded himself with… I feel like he loves and appreciates it very much… The use of nuclear weapons will take this whole world away from him quickly. Now. The next day. I’m absolutely sure of it. Absolutely sure. Therefore I say that it is not beneficial for him”, Zelensky replied.

“He is looking for and will look for a way out of this war that was a mistake – he says – He doesn’t tell his company but he realizes it was a big mistake. His big personal mistake. So he will look a way out. And nuclear weapons are not a way out. For sure.”