Ukraine, Zelensky: “In Severodonetsk infrastructure destroyed and 90% of houses damaged”

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In Severodonetsk “the entire crucial infrastructure network of the city has already been destroyed, 90% of the houses have been damaged.” Thus Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in his latest video message, denounced the intensification of the Russian attack in the largest Donbass city. Regional officials reported that Moscow forces are “storming” Severodonetsk and that fighting is taking place street by street, disabling electricity and mobile phone services (WAR IN UKRAINE: THE SPECIAL – LIVE UPDATES – THE STORY OF THE ENROLLMENTS)

“We do everything we can to repel the offensive”

The Ukrainian army is doing everything possible to repel the Russian offensive in Severodonetsk, in the Lugansk region, Zelensky said, according to which the capture of the city “is a fundamental objective for the occupiers. They do not care how many lives they will have to pay for their attempt to raise the Russian flag. “The president then assured that Ukrainian forces are” doing everything they can to repel this offensive. “” Russia has already lost the battle for Kharkiv. not only the battle for Kiev and the north of our country – added Zelensky – But it has also lost its own future and any cultural link with the free world. One third of the Kharkiv region is still under occupation. We will certainly free the entire territory. “