Ukraine, Zelensky: “Integration with the EU is irreversible”

The President: “The objective is to start accession negotiations this year”. And he calls for “long-range weapons” to win first and to “accelerate the delivery of armaments”

The EU-Ukraine summit “clearly shows that our integration” into the EU “is irreversible”. This was stated by the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, in a press conference in Kiev at the end of the summit.

“Progress in the implementation of the association agreement with the EU is evident. For the first time – underlines Zelensky – in the bilateral document we express our intention to start accession negotiations as soon as possible. The aim is to start accession negotiations this year“.

On the sanctions against Russia for the war in Ukraine “I felt the support of the leaders of the European Union, but we need the support of the leaders of all EU countries“, emphasizes the Ukrainian leader who asks: “What would you do if your children were forcibly deported by bus to the Russian Federation?”.

So he insists on speeding up the shipment of new weapons. Russia “is trying to change the situation” on the ground and “the best way to prevent it is expedite the delivery” of armaments by the “partners”. And asks “long range weapons“, which “can change the course of war. We are confident of victory, but long-range weapons can make it faster. Ukraine knows it and Russia knows it too.”

“I am very grateful to all those countries that have supported Ukraine from the very beginning,” he continues. Weapons “remain my priority right from the start”. As for a possible visit to Brussels, Zelensky recalled that for him in this phase “traveling abroad involves great risks”.