Ukraine, Zelensky: “New weapons from the USA: tanks, missiles and drones”

“It’s the result of my diplomatic marathon”

“A new aid package has been announced from the United States for our country”. This is what the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky announces in his usual evening video on Telegram, recalling that he had a long “diplomatic marathon” for this, complete with a visit to the United States. “We have managed to take defense cooperation with Western partners to a new level.” “These are the results of our talks. We will have the Bradley vehicles which is exactly what we need. New weapons and ammunition, especially high-precision ones. New missiles and drones.”

The United States and Germany have announced that they will supply Ukraine with armored personnel carriers, the first Western-designed infantry fighting vehicles that Kiev will receive. The announcement follows a French decision earlier this week to supply reconnaissance vehicles, described as “light tanks”.

“Germany has taken a big step forward in strengthening the security not only of Ukraine, but also of the whole of Europe. Improving our air defense, having more Western tanks and weapons, as well as political mediation serves to protect not only us , but also all of Europe from Russian terror”. “I thank all those who defend our country” concludes Zelensky.