Ukraine, Zelensky: “Peace is approaching for the whole country”

“On the eve of winter the Russians destroyed critical infrastructure for the people, we will give it all back”

“Peace for Ukraine is approaching. For our whole country”. This was stated by the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in the usual nightly video message. “When there is a Ukrainian flag, there is civilization. There is freedom. There is social security. There is infrastructure. There is security. There is someone who takes care of people. There it’s all things that disappear and are destroyed when the occupier comes,” Zelensky says, while “what the Russian flag means” is “complete desolation.”

“There is no electricity, no communication, no internet, no television. The occupiers destroyed everything themselves, on purpose. This is their special operation. On the eve of winter, the Russian occupiers destroyed absolutely all critical infrastructure for the people”.

“It is happiness for everyone when Russia is expelled. The happiness that will be in those cities and communities of ours that Russia deprived of normal life both after February 24 and in 2014. We will return everything. Let us return to normal life.”