Ukraine, Zelensky: “Russia has undermined Kakhovka dam, prepares disaster”

“I ask Italy, France and other partners for air defense aid”

Russia is consciously preparing a major disaster in southern Ukraine. We have information that Russian terrorists undermined the dam and unit of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant“. This is what Volodymyr Zelensky denounced in his speech today at the European Council.

“The Ukrainian employees have been expelled from the Kakhovka plant – added the Ukrainian president – now there are only Russian citizens, they have full control of the plant: we must act immediately to prevent the Russians from creating a disaster”. Zelensky then asked the international community to send a monitoring mission, bring back Ukrainian personnel and send demining teams.

According to the Ukrainian president, Moscow’s plan is to carry out another ‘false-flag operation’, “to commit a terrorist attack and then accuse Ukraine”.

I now turn to France, Italy, and our other partners, not only in Europe, but also in the USA. The more protected the Ukrainian skies are, the more stable life will be in all of Europe, “Zelensky said, requesting that air and anti-missile defense systems be sent to Ukraine.

“We must do everything possible to make it completely impossible for Russia to destroy our energy system with missiles and drones,” he added, then thanking Germany for sending “the very efficient Iris-T systems”. “This German system not only protects the Ukrainian skies – she stressed – it protects European stability, limiting Russian terrorism that affects both our country and yours in the future”. “But we need more air defense – she concluded – and missile defense systems to create a reliable air shield”.