Ukraine, Zelensky: “Russia may increase attacks at Christmas”

Kiev’s alarm: “Moscow is increasing the transfer of soldiers and vehicles”

Russia could step up attacks on Ukraine around Christmas. Meanwhile, Moscow “is increasing the transfer of personnel, military equipment and ammunition by rail to combat areas”, underlines the Ukrainian general staff, quoted by Ukrainska Pravda. The Russians continue to concentrate their efforts on conducting offensives on the Lyman, Bakhmut and Avdiivka fronts.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned the population of the risk of the Russians escalating their attacks during the Christmas period. “Remember who is fighting against us. As the holiday season approaches, Russian terrorists may be active again. They despise Christian values ​​and values ​​in general. of each other,” Zelensky said.

In quoting his words, the Ukrainska Pravda website recalled that, for the first time since December 16, Russian warships with Kalibr missiles entered the Black Sea, weapons used in previous massive attacks.

In Ukraine, Christmas was traditionally celebrated on January 7, as in Russia, but more and more people would like to align with the rest of Europe. Since 2017, December 25 has been a holiday and starting this year the Ukrainian Orthodox churches will be able to celebrate a Christmas mass on this date as well.

UK AND UKRAINE – Britain plans to double the number of trained Ukrainian soldiers in 2023, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said in a speech to parliament.

“Our armed forces – he said – are doing everything possible to develop the fighting skills of Ukrainian men and women. We trained almost 10,000 people in the UK in 2022. Together with our armed forces and our allies, we intend to double the number in 2023. I would like to officially express my gratitude to Canada, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Australia for their help in training Ukrainians”.