Ukraine, Zelensky: “Russia’s project must not become reality”

Video message at the Venice Film Festival: “Do not remain silent about the war”

Russia’s project on Ukraine must not become a reality. This is why you must not remain silent regarding the war that has been unleashed against Ukraine: we are the victims of a frightening aggression “, said the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, in a video message broadcast this evening at the inauguration ceremony. of the 79th edition of the Venice Film Festival.

And precisely to the world of cinema, Zelensky addressed: “This war against us, against the Ukrainian people, must be talked about everywhere. Do not remain silent on this war“.” Remaining silent means forgetting the names of our dead, “added the Ukrainian president after a long list of deceased during the conflict was shown on the screen of the Palazzo del Cinema.

I am sure that the whole civilized world will never tire of defending Ukraine – Zelensky said – He will never give up, he will stay with Ukraine until the end, the victorious end when truth and justice are greeted with applause. Thanks to Ukraine “.

THE MESSAGE FROM ZELENSKY – “Dear participants and guests of the Venice International Film Festival, I appreciate the opportunity to turn to you today to tell our story, that of Ukraine, its nation and the war that Russia has been waging against us since 189 days. The story is out of competition because it is also beyond the limits of humanity and common sense. It is a drama based on real events. The one played in real life by real-life subhumans – the murderers, the butchers, the terrorists . A tragedy not on the notes of the brilliant Morricone, but rather on the notes of ugly ‘chastushka’ and sounds of explosions, gunshots and air alarm wailing “the words of the Ukrainian president in the video message broadcast this evening.

“It is a horror that does not last 120 minutes but 189 days. 189 days of war in Ukraine, of which Europe and the whole world are tired. This is what Russia says. This is what Russia wants. This is what Russia aspires to – added Zelensky – A low-alloy plot in three scenes to push the world to make three dramatic mistakes: get used to war, reconcile with war, forget about war. Their project should never change. in reality”.

The Ukrainian president then addressed the “cultural figures, directors, producers, actors, playwrights, cameramen, composers, artistic directors, set designers, film critics and thousands of others from different countries of the world, and from the same film family, gathered in Venice “, to remember:” Your position is important, your voice counts, your word is strong! The least you can do – indeed, that you must not do – is not remain silent, do not be afraid, turn your back, do not go any further – do not remain neutral to the war in Ukraine, the one that Russia has unleashed. “

“For some, power is only in missiles and atomic bombs. For us, power is in philosophy, mentality, senses and words – continued Zelensky – For us it is also in armaments. I would like every country, every nation, every institution and community in the world had a clear perception of what Ukraine is experiencing. This war should be told in the clearest language possible. The language of cinema is the one you all speak. ”

Then Zelensky introduced a short cutscene saying, “You will not see the bloody scenes of explosions, gunfire, ruins and smoke. The pain. The tears. You will see what most are generally spared: an intrinsic part of any film that the majority do not notice. Names are important; they end up in oblivion and obscurity because the moment they appear on the screen most viewers do only two things: get up and walk away, but I know the first move is the most important. The second should not be possible “. And so a long list of Ukrainian deaths started.

“Whenever you hear someone telling about their weariness for Ukraine, remember these captions. Getting tired of Ukraine means sweeping away the names, forgetting them – he concluded – I’m sure the whole civilized world will never do it. he will never give up, he will stay with Ukraine until the end, the victorious end when truth and justice are greeted with applause. Thank you Ukraine. “