Ukraine, Zelensky: “Tank supply is a very delicate issue”

“Time and speed are important. Every minute is a human life”

The question of sending heavy tanks to Kiev continues to be “urgent and very delicate” This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking to journalists after receiving the President of the European Council Charles Michel and underlining how the impasse on tanks “depends on many reasons and unfortunately not on Ukraine’s will”.

Zelensky praised the willingness of several countries that have come forward, claiming their intention to send some of their tanks to Ukraine, but added that in most cases, the authorization of the producing countries is required. “We are all waiting for the approval of the country that has the rights to that particular license,” the president explained.

Among them is Germany, which produces the Leopard battle tanks and that has not yet resolved the reservation on the authorization to send.

“We exert as much political pressure as possible, but the most important thing is that our pressure is based on solid arguments,” Zelensky said. “The courage of our warriors and the motivation of the Ukrainian people are not enough against thousands of Russian tanks. Russian”.

The president also admitted that alternatives are being worked on, such as domestic production, but the time factor is crucial against Moscow. “Time and speed are important. Every minute is a human life. The faster we will be able to liberate our territory, the faster we will become stronger, the more lives of our citizens will be spared,” she concluded.