Ukraine, Zelensky: “There is no more room for negotiations with Russia”

Yesterday’s attacks cut off electricity and water supplies to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians

“The attacks launched by Russia yesterday in Ukraine cut off the electricity and water supplies to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians. A third of the country’s plants were destroyed last week, with the effect – accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky – to cause massive blackouts across Ukraine “. “There is no more room for negotiations with the Putin regime “he added.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian government has recommended that citizens make a “conscious” use of electricity between 5 pm and 11 pm, arguing that the more consumption is reduced, the more stable the functioning of the entire energy system will be. “Everyone who follows these simple rules for peak hours is helping the whole country,” said the Ukrainian president in his message to the population.

Zelensky also announced that a meeting dedicated to the country’s energy situation is scheduled for today, and assured that the government is working “on all possible scenarios”.

Intelligence Gb: “Removed 4 of the 5 Russian generals with direct operational command”

Meanwhile, 4 of the 5 generals with direct operational command on elements relating to the Russian invasion of February 2022 have been removed from their posts. British intelligence underlines this in the latest report on the situation in Ukraine released by the London Ministry of Defense. “The substitutes for these generals have so far done little to improve performance on the battlefield. The lack of continuity at the command level is probably more disruptive than in a Western army because according to Russian doctrine the development of plans is largely up to it goes personally to the commander, rather than to a wider staff engaged in a collective effort “.

And the key elements of Russian military leadership are less and less functional, again according to British intelligence. “Eight months after the invasion – it states – key elements of the Russian military leadership appear less and less functional. At the tactical level, there is almost certainly a growing shortage of non-commissioned officers capable of organizing and guiding the newly mobilized reservists”.

The report therefore refers to eyewitnesses according to which the “killing of 11 Russian soldiers near Belgorod by a fellow soldier recruited on October 15, 2022, took place following offensive comments by an officer against recruits belonging to ethnic minorities. “. “It is probable – it is noted in the report – that the low level of leadership worsens the morale and the lack of cohesion of the units in many parts of the Russian forces”.