Ukraine, Zelensky: “War must end with a new Nuremberg”

“No one can feel safe anywhere unless the aggressor is defeated. The world also knows that Russia can be stopped. This is a common interest. Stopped by the power of our frontline warriors. With our weapons, both Ukrainian and those that we get from our partners. With the power of the law, i.e. sanctions that must be constantly strengthened, and with our common work for justice”. Volodymr Zelensky writes it on Twitter and adds: “Every manifestation of Russian terror, every day of aggression is a further argument that all this must end in a Tribunal, in a new Nuremberg, against those who destroy lives and people, who use missiles against museums and guided bombs against churches. Russia must be defeated. The world can have no other goal,” Zelensky wrote. (UKRAINE WAR – ALL UPDATES).

Legal and fair sentences

The Ukrainian president had already called for “a new Nuremberg” for the crimes committed by the Russians on March 31, the day of the anniversary of the liberation of Bucha and the discovery of the massacres against civilians in which, according to Kiev, at least 1,400 people died. On that occasion, the head of state had asked to “accelerate the work of creating a tribunal that expresses itself on Russian aggression” and that “proceeds with the arrest of Russian war criminals, for legal and fair sentences”.