Ukraine, Zelensky: “We will free Donbass and Crimea”

“Let’s not forget anyone, we won’t abandon anyone”

After Kherson, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will liberate other cities up to Donbass and Crimea. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says this in a video posted on Telegram. “Today we all feel enthusiastic together. I do not know if there is at least one person who has not seen the video of our people greeting the Ukrainian defenders in Kherson. And we will see many other similar receptions in the towns and villages that are still occupied. ”

“We will not forget anyone, we will not abandon anyone. The same will happen in Henichesk and Melitopol. We will arrive in all our cities and villages in the Donbass. We will certainly see how the people with the Ukrainian flags, they have, will meet the Ukrainian forces in the Crimea: there there will be hundreds on the streets on the day of liberation ”he assures.

Ukrainian forces have re-established control over more than 60 settlements in the Kherson region. “Before fleeing Kherson, the occupiers destroyed all critical infrastructures: communications, water supply, electricity, heating”. The Russians “everywhere have the same goal: to humiliate people as much as possible. But we will restore everything, believe me, “he adds.

Ukraine was able to conduct successful operations in Kherson and elsewhere, partly thanks to the resistance waged in the Donetsk region in the face of repeated Russian attacks. “Hell is right there – there are extremely gruesome battles every day,” she said. “But our units are defending themselves bravely: they are resisting the terrible pressure of the invaders, preserving our defense lines.”