Ukraine, Zelensky: “We will never forget helping Italy”

The Ukrainian president: “We are interested in peace, Russia doesn’t want it. Thanks to Meloni for the assistance he offers us”

We will never forget the help of Italy. According to the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyduring a press conference at Palazzo Chigi with the premier, Giorgia Meloni: “Thank you Giorgia, thank you for the opportunity to meet me today in this beautiful and great country, with a great history. I began the visit with a wonderful meeting ” with President Sergio Mattarella and “I told him that I am here with my team to thank you and hug you for the aid and for giving shelter to our citizens, our families and children who suffer from Russian aggression. We we will never forget it.”

“We talked about peace with Giorgia. Last year Ukraine proposed a peace formula to end the war and give security to all of Europe, but Russia responded with missiles and artillery because it doesn’t want peace” , said the Ukrainian president.

And after recalling that Ukraine is interested in peace while Russia does not want it, Zelensky thanked “for the sanctions against the aggressor”. And he then declared that despite the war, Ukraine will try to implement “all the decisions and recommendations of the EU”. “It is very important for us to become equals within the European Union, it would be nice if finally this year we could think about the next steps of the discussion on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union,” said Zelensky.

“Thousands of children were deported to the aggressor’s territory. Our information speaks of 19,393 children, with names, surnames and dates in which they were stolen from Russia, but the real number may be much higher, at least 200,000 children are found on the territories occupied by Russia and we don’t know their fate”, Zelensky also stated, underlining: “The Russian government not only divides them from their parents, but teaches them to hate Ukraine”.