Ukraine, Zelensky: “We will win in 2023”

Meeting of the General Staff in Kiev, examined intelligence reports on possible Russian actions

“2023 must and will be the year of our victory”. This is what the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said at the end of one of the regular meetings with the Ukrainian General Staff. At the meeting, writes Ukrainska Pravda, reports on the situation at the front and intelligence reports on possible Russian actions were examined. Participants also discussed the weapons and ammunition needed by the Ukrainian army.

“This week we had excellent results in our defense from the United States, Germany, Poland, Canada, Belgium, Norway, Italy and others. Next week should be no less,” Zelensky said on Telegram. “It is very important – he underlines – to maintain the momentum regarding the support for our defense by our partners. The speed of supply has been and will be one of the key factors of this war. Russia hopes to prolong the war, deplete our forces. So we must make time our weapon. We must accelerate the trend, supply and evaluate new options of necessary weapons for Ukraine”.

“The enemy does not count his losses. And despite his numerous losses he maintains a high intensity of attacks” he underlines, specifying that the situation at the front “is very tough”. “Bakhmutsky, Vugledarsky and other areas in the Donetsk region are under continuous Russian assaults. Constant attempts to break through our defenses” Zelensky points out. “By defending the Donetsk region, our soldiers are defending the whole of Ukraine. We are doing everything so that our pressure still exceeds the offensive capabilities of the occupiers.”

THE VICTIMS AMONG THE RUSSIANS – Ukrainian forces reportedly killed 650 Russians yesterday and destroyed eight tanks and 22 armored vehicles. This was reported today by the bulletin of the Ukrainian general staff, according to which about 126,160 Russian soldiers have been killed since the invasion last February.

DONETSK – The Ukrainian military said it had repulsed an attack near the village of Blahodatne, Donetsk region, which the Wagner Group had claimed control of this morning. Kiev troops have “repulsed attacks near Blahodatne” and thirteen other locations in the Donestk region, the Ukrainian General Staff said in its daily bulletin, refuting Russian militia leader Evgheny Prigozhin’s claim that ” Wagner units have taken Blahodatne, which is under our control,” said Yevgeny Prigozhin, head of the paramilitary group, quoted by his press service. The Russian Defense Ministry has not yet confirmed the news.

Blahodatne lies north of Bakhmut, which Moscow has been trying to capture for months and where some of the heaviest fighting has taken place since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

KHERSON – Massive Russian raids hit Kherson in southern Ukraine today. This was reported by regional administration sources quoted by Ukrainska Pravda, according to whom a hospital was among the targets hit. At least three deaths are recorded.

The Kherson regional administration wrote on its Telegram channel that Russian forces hit a hospital, a school, a bus station, a post office, a bank and some residential buildings. In addition to the three dead, there are also five injured, including a nurse who worked at the affected regional hospital.

MELITOPOL – Four people died and five others were injured in a raid by Ukrainian forces on a bridge in the southeastern Melitopol district of Zaporizhzhia region. This was reported by the head of the Russian regional administration, according to which the Ukrainians allegedly fired a missile from the Himars system at the railway bridge over the Molochna River, where repair work was underway at that time.

KHERSON – The Russian army attacked the port of Kherson. As a result of enemy shelling, reports Ukrainska Pravda, two ships owned by foreign companies were damaged. A Russian shell pierced the hull and fuel storage area on one of the vessels, causing the oil to leak.

KHARKIV – The Russians bombed Kharkiv and the surrounding area on Sunday according to reports from ‘Ukrainska Pravda’ which quotes the head of Ova Sinegubov.

TRAINING IN RUSSIA – Russia goes back to the times of the USSR with military training in schools. British intelligence writes it in its daily bulletin. According to the details provided by the Russian Ministry of Education on compulsory military training in secondary schools starting next September 1, boys will have to learn the use of AK assault rifles and hand grenades, do drills and salute. In addition, a “basic military training” program for university students was announced last December.

THE TANK GB – Ukrainian tank crews have arrived in Britain to begin training in the use of the Challenger 2 tanks to be supplied from London. The British Ministry of Defense announced it on Twitter.