Ukraine, Zelensky’s Easter greetings: “We fight for a free world”

Message from the Ukrainian president: “We celebrate important holidays on different dates, but one will be the same for everyone. It is our victory day”

Sincere greetings to the Ukrainians and to all the Christians who are celebrating Easter today. And to those who are on the front lines and in several of our cities and towns”. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote it on Facebook, also addressing his “Polish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian brothers. Our true friends and allies in USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Canada. In Prague and Bratislava, Ljubljana and Zagreb, Vienna and Bucharest, Madrid and Lisbon, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Brussels. Millions of people in Sweden, Finland, Norway. To all those who celebrate Easter today in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Australia”.

“This is the modern world – adds Zelensky – A world that wishes to live free. A world where life, respect and equality of every person is valued. Ukraine stands guard over this world today. He fights for his land and fights for his values. Two days ago, I shared an ‘iftar’ with Ukrainian Muslims. Soon I will also send Easter greetings to Ukrainian Jews. And exactly in a week to all those who celebrate Easter this year April 16 “.

“We may have different religions but we believe in freedom equally. We may have different traditions, but there is one common one for all: it is the protection of the native land. We celebrate holidays on different dates, but one will be the same for everyone – for Ukraine and for the whole free world. This is our victory day. A common one. Unavoidable. Victories of light, goodness, justice, victory of life. All of this symbolizes the feast of the Lord’s Resurrection.”