Ukraine, Zelensky’s message: “At Christmas we, the Ukrainians, will create the miracle”

“At Christmas we won’t wait for a miracle, we will create it”. A message of unity to all Ukrainians, at home and refugees abroad, came from President Volodymyr Zelensky on the occasion of Christmas. “Freedom has a high price. But slavery has an even higher price,” he said in a video message broadcast on his Telegram channel and addressed to fellow Orthodox Christians of Western rite. Most of the population in Ukraine is Orthodox and celebrates Christmas Eve and Christmas according to the Julian calendar on January 6 and 7. However, a growing number of faithful join the celebrations on December 24 and 25, in line with the majority of Christians around the world (WAR IN UKRAINE, SKY TG24 SPECIAL – LIVE UPDATES)

Zelensky: We will return freedom to the Ukrainians

“Today and all upcoming holidays we will celebrate under difficult circumstances. Someone will see today the first star in the sky over Bakhmut, Rubizhny, Kreminna. Along thousands of kilometers on the front line. Someone will see it through the holes in the roof destroyed by the bullets of its own home,” the president said in his message. “Someone will hear Schedryk (Christmas song from the Ukrainian tradition, ed) in another language, in Warsaw, Berlin, London, New York, Toronto and many other cities and countries”, he continued, “someone else will celebrate this Christmas in captivity , but remember that we will restore freedom to all Ukrainians”. “Wherever we are, we will be together”, concluded Zelensky, “we will celebrate our holidays in difficult circumstances, but we will smile and be happy as always. The difference is one: we will not wait for a miracle. We will create the miracle ourselves”.