Ukrainian war, Bild: “Kiev tried to kill Putin with a drone”

On Sunday, April 23, the Ukrainian intelligence services allegedly attempted to kill the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with an explosive drone. Although the ambush failed, the attempt was reportedly kept secret by the Russian authorities. The news was reported today by the German newspaper Bild. In the afternoon of April 23, a UJ-22 drone with a range of up to 800 km and carrying “30 blocks of C4 explosives, for a total weight of 17 kg” was allegedly launched from Ukraine. The target would have been the industrial park of Rudnevo, near Moscow, where there could have been a visit from Putin. However, the drone crashed 20 km earlier. It is not clear whether Putin’s visit to the site ever took place (UKRAINE-RUSSIA WAR, FOLLOW THE LIVE UPDATES).

Bild: “Russian media reported drone crash in Moscow on Monday”

Bild quotes Ukrainian activist Yuri Romanenko, “who is said to have close ties to the secret services of Kiev” and who wrote that “last week our secret service agents received information about Putin’s trip to the Rudnevo industrial park As a result, our kamikaze drone took off, flew through all the air defenses of the Russian Federation and crashed not far from the industrial park.” Finally, Bild recalls that on Monday several Russian media had reported on a UJ-22 drone that crashed east of Moscow.