Ukrainian war, Di Maio: “Genocide? We have no evidence to verify”

The Foreign Minister: “But the atrocities are there for all to see”. And he adds: “Dialogue process slowed down, it must restart”

Ukraine-Russia War, “we do not have the elements to verify whether or not it is already a genocide “, but” the atrocities are eight for all to see “. The said Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, spoke on Radio 24, recalling “200 dead children, 2,000 civilians killed” after US President Joe Biden used the word “genocide” for atrocities in Ukraine. “We were one of the first countries in the world to ask the International Criminal Court to verify all war crimes and – added Di Maio – through the EU we will provide all the evidence at our disposal to verify whether there have been crimes of war”. “Verify – continued the head of the foreign ministry – all those responsible for war crimes”.

The minister referred to the horrors of Bucha and the “missile on the station in the east of the country” and said that “what we have seen” and “unfortunately we will see again” is “atrocious, terrifying”. For this, he insisted, “we must verify all the responsibilities to bring those responsible for these atrocities to international justice”.

“We must work right now to stop the conflict in Ukraine – he later stressed – because we must fear escalation if we can’t stop it. And to stop it we need to reactivate the dialogue process that the Turks started a few weeks ago and which understandably after the dramatic events of Bucha it stopped or was slowed down in some way “. But “now we must necessarily restart it”.

According to the head of the Farnesina, “that process of dialogue between Ukraine and Russia” is “the only way we have to reach at least a ceasefire”. Di Maio reiterated the “important openings” by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and added that “now” it is Russian President Vladimir Putin who “must demonstrate that he wants peace”. “Italy – he insisted – is ready to be one of the guaranteeing countries of this agreement, as has been recognized by both sides”.

“We expect a further escalation of the conflict in the east in the coming days and we hope that at least the Orthodox Easter, a week after ours, will be an opportunity to persuade the Russians to reach a ceasefire”, added the minister. of Foreign Affairs. “We are working on it – he said – because it is the only way we have to evacuate civilians, to empty orphanages, to send children away from there under Russian bombs”.